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WOID XIX-28. Oh, yeah. Nice.

WOID XIX-28. Oh, yeah. Nice.

There's a story about Ezra Pound timidly presenting one of his dense,
difficult books to Mussolini. Il Duce flipped it open, glanced at it and
murmured, "amusing!"

Must be the Mussolini meme.  Or maybe it's the straw that broke the
camel's back. As if it wasn't enough to preside over an economy in free
fall with widening social unrest and a revolution scheduled for this
Friday, March 19, Nicolas Sarkozy, presently President of France,
decided to alienate a crucial voting block, specialists in illuminated
books of the Renaissance.

In a brief visit to the Villa Medicis, the seat of the French Academy in
Rome, Sarkozy appeared visibly bored. When presented with a Renaissance
illuminated book he muttered, "Ah oui...C’est joli...", and moved on.
One dignitary was left murmuring, "If he'd been presented with the
latest Gucci watch instead of an incunabulum, we'd have been better

Don't mess with the illuminators...

- Paul Werner

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