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Book press rust

>    The best paint to use on it is automobile paint from an auto supply 
>store (protect the screw while you're spraying it).

	I second that motion. Having restored antique sewing machines, I've learned that
the better the quality of paint, the better the results and the longer the paint will
wear. At all costs, avoid any spray paint from a craft store. Automotive paint, from an
auto supply store will last the longest and go on the best.

	Although this sounds elementary, read the directions on the side of the tin first.
Each brand has different drying times and applying a second coat of paint too soon will
cause the undercoat to alligator.

	Make sure that the primer and black paint are made by the same manufacturer. Do
NOT mix brands.

	Spray very lightly too, just barely enough to cover everywhere. If you apply the
paint too heavily, you'll get runs and drips which will have to be sanded out later.

	I restored a heavily rusted press and it turned out beautifully. I also used the
electrolytic method for stripping rust first which was the easiest of all methods and also
caused most of the paint to flake off too.


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