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Books About Books-Fiction

Kimberly et al,

"People of the Book" by Geraldine Brooks is quite an adventure, I agree.

For anyone who missed it, I have posted a list of "Books About Books/fiction"  
on the LINKS page of my website.

<From:    Kimberly Byerly <kbyerly1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Thank you  for Books about Books suggestions
Hi Folks,
I wanted to say  'Thanks' to all of you that provided suggestions for 
good reads in the category of Books about Books. 

I picked up two by Geraldine Brooks and loved them!  March and People 
of  the Book were equally fantastic.  I have lent my copy of People of 
the Book to another Book arts friend, but am willing to let the March 
copy go for  $10 postage paid in U.S - it is a paperback.  If anyone is 
interested, I am glad to mail out tomorrow.

Did anyone happen to compile a list of the suggestions?  I would love 
to have it, if so.

Thanks and Kind regards,
Kim Byerly, Ohio
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