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POD Books as Democratic Multiples

Someone on this list just reminded me that I forgot to announce to this list
the current show in the gallery which is called Photo+Book. This show is a
national juried exhibition of self-published, on-demand photography books,
nicknamed SPOD books by some clever person on this list.
On Monday, Portland's newspaper, The Oregonian, published an article about
the show. The interesting thing about the article is that the write took the
slant of SPOD books being an innovation that will democratize photography.
This slant has started a couple of interesting conversations in the gallery
about the history and concept of "democratic multiples" in the book arts
world crossing over and influencing the world of fine art photography. For
both worlds, a fascinating evolution.

You can read the article here:

Photo+Book, A Juried Exhibition of Self-Published, On-Demand Photo Books

March 6-28, 2009

23 Sandy Gallery • 623 NE 23rd Avenue • Portland, OR 97232

Hours: Thursday-Saturday, Noon to 6:00 p.m.

Phone: 503-927-4409

Email: laura@xxxxxxxxxxx

Online catalog of Photo+Book: http://www.23sandy.com/PhotoBook/Catalog.html

Show Blurb: Every photographer dreams of having a book of their photographs
published. No longer is it necessary to amass thousands of dollars and
suffer the rejections of traditional publishers. With the emergence of
“self-published, on demand” book printing services such as Blurb, Lulu,
iPhoto, MyPublisher and others photographers are now able to publish their
own photographs in a high-quality, low-cost and professional book.
Photo+Book will to feature some of the best photo books being self-published
by photographers today.
Laura Russell
23 Sandy Gallery
623 NE 23rd Avenue
Portland, OR 97232
Phone: 503-927-4409
Email: 23sandygallery@xxxxxxxxx
Web site: www.23Sandy.com

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