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Carousel Book Workshop (Philadelphia, PA)

Pisano, Director of MGP Studio Arts and Memory Press and an alumna,  is
giving a carousel book workshop in a couple of weeks here at the
university. All proceeds from the workshop will go to support the
Hybrid Book Conference and Fair.  There is still room. Tor register
email Amanda D’Amico at tiny.revolutionary@xxxxxxxxx or call 215-717-6460.

Sunday, April 5, 10:00 AM to 4 PM

Cost: $100

A carousel book is an ingenious work, containing three-dimensional
panoramic scenes that are revealed in multilayered openings that recede
into space. Its seductiveness comes as a result of its construction, a
series of five scenes, which when taken together are a play in five
acts. Viewed through windows or other intricate opening, they take the
viewer in their world, beckoning with surprises of creative
multidimensional visual experiences. When fully opened it creates a
full 180 degrees stage, which from an aerial perspective can be seen as
a complex star, with the viewer performing a dance around it. 

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