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Re: Lead Time and Online Entries

Another vote for the cause -

I've been trying to think what might be the benefit of posting CDs instead of emailing entries (when the initial selection indeed is made from photographs) but can only see the positives of an electronic submission. No need for the organisers to swap CD after CD into the computer to view entries as well as risking an occasional unreadable disk. Emailed application packs could easily also be shared/forwarded to the panel members selecting the work. (If the submissions need to be on CDs in the receiving end, it would be very easy to write them onto CD once they've arrived electronically.)

Even if the lead time is long enough, I tend to nowadays not enter if there's "snail mail" involved at an initial stage, only for the personal reason of living very far in a place where posting the traditional way isn't always very reliable and international courier costs can be prohibitively expensive (and still delayed!) Just thinking that at this day and age sending CDs by post is somewhat unnecessary. But I'd gladly hear from organisers why they still favour posted CDs over emailed entries.

Best wishes,
Mia L.

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Date:    Mon, 23 Mar 2009 11:51:40 -0700
From:    Monique Moore-Racine <m.mooreracine@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Lead Time and Online Entries

I join the cry for longer lead time to submit entries to shows.  Online 
entries would be a great plus.


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