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Re: Book Cloth Recommendation Sought

I would recommend a plain or polished buckram... if such a thing can be found any longer. Durable, attractive, and easy to work with. Not "library type buckram", which has a plastic finish in it that is rather noxious. Library buckram is exceedingly hard-wearing, however.

I found Kennet to be relatively weak, and never did like Cialux, which spots and scuffs very easily. I like the Japanese cloths which is easier to work with. With much use, however, these rayon cloths will tend to wear at the joints.

Whatever you settle on, be sure to find out what adhesive it likes best. Test it, maybe, before buying. I am remembering a thread of last winter from someone who ordered bolts of bookcloth that rejected the glue she used. And the cloth bubbled. Until she went public on this forum, she got little help from the vendor.

Eugene, OR


On Mar 25, 2009, at 12:24 PM, R John Miller wrote:

How would Cialux do?
Or Kennet?


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Good morning,

I will be purchasing fairly soon a substantial quantity of book cloth on
grant funding for a project to last several years. I am making very
large clamshell boxes for scrapbooks and will be doing a bit of repair
of general collection materials. I am seeking two types of cloth:

All-purpose cloth for general collection books and boxes with the
following characteristics:

1. Forgiveness. We are not skilled binders or anywhere near.

2. Durability and longevity

3. Flexibility

4.  Smooth surface for ease in cleaning/dusting books and boxes as our
storage areas can get very dusty

Paper backed linen-type cloth

If you are in a library or archive that has purchased satisfactory book
cloth recently, I would like to hear from you as to manufacturer and

Thanks in advance.

Jane Thompson

Arkansas History Commission

Little Rock

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