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Re: Book Cloth Recommendation Sought

Hi Carol, I'm working with Kennett on a current project, but think that
it's way to weak for general purpose work and Cialux is off my list of
considerations.  I agree that a polished library buckram is the best
choice here, but then I'm the one who got in trouble with the LBS C-1
and their mysterious bubbles and boils thinking that was what I was
buying.  Don't know if I told you, but LBS "solved" the problem by
determining that I needed to break the surface tension on the boards
with a few swipes of a Scotch magic scrub before gluing it.  Actually,
it does help--somewhat.  

Someone just mentioned Gane as a vendor (I had forgotten about them).  I
think the cloth that I worked with up in Madison decades ago and liked a
lot was from Gane.

I appreciate your help.

Best, Jane

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