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An apology to Archival Products / LBS


Good morning,

Just now, I sent an improvident e-mail out to the entire list (thinking
I was responding off-list) regarding previous issues with book cloth I
had purchased from LBS.  I do want you to know that Janice Comer at
Archival Products / LBS worked very hard to help resolve my issues with
their cloth and offered a range of solutions that have gone quite a
distance in correcting problems in adhering the cloth to barrier and
davey board.  (Their suggestion of double-swiping the boards with a
Scotch Magic Brite pad to break surface tension has helped quite a bit.)


By the way, I am looking at a couple of other options offered by
LBS-just not that particular cloth for the projects I have coming up.


Anyway, I apologize to you all for my snarky posting and promise to look
before I hit the "send" key next time.

Best, Jane



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