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Re: imposing with an imposition question

I've got four copies in front of me (3 bound, 1 in parts), and there's
nothing particularly remarkable about the structure. The thing is that
with books of this place and period you can't really establish a
format--that is, determine the disposition of formes of type on the
press--without knowing something about the press. It is possible in some
cases to develop rather subtle evidence from type damage and such that
might enable you to reconstruct the formes without knowing the
dimensions of the bed of the press, but otherwise you can only describe
the gatherings as such and give a leaf measurement, leaving the format

That's the case you're in here. I'd guess that it's either 12mo or 24mo
in 6s (I'm not familiar enough with the sort of press that Bradbury &
Evans would have used for a book like this, but it's conceivable that it
was large enough to print these pages 24-up). In any case, the
individual gatherings would be divided, like all normal 6-leaf
gatherings, into two parts, a 4-leaf part being folded twice in the
normal way to make leaves 1-2,5-6, and a 2-leaf part folded once to be
quired in as leaves 3-4.

Chapman & Hall listed the book as royal 8vo in the English Catalogue,
but that's just a conventional indication of dimensions, i.e. the
dimensions that result from octavo folding of a royal sheet, which has
nothing to do with the actual printing of the book.

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I'm looking at a 1st edition of Master Humphreys Clock by Charles
and I'm wondering about how to describe it. Page size is 9 3/4" by 6
which one would expect would make it either an 8vo or 4to - well I would
expect that anyway. But when I look at how it is signed I find that each
gather has just 6 leaves.

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