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Re: concave spine

I was pleased to see Bill Minter's note on this as I too had an opportunity to see the book -- in the Kner & Anthony studio, if memory is correct, on a bright and sunny day.  And it did indeed handle most wonderously.  I've often wondered why Bill did not further develop it -- and, like Minter, what because of the model?

One small correction: Anthony's models are not in the UI Center for the Book (teaching facilities for papermaking, printing, and bookbinding are now largely consolidated in North Hall) but rather in the Conservation Lab located in Main Library, where they have been joined by models made a good many others.  Many of the models can be explored to the degree a virtual object can be explored at http://digital.lib.uiowa.edu/binding. (And, by the way, we're always happy to add contributed models that may have been made to work out one idea or another but which you no longer need but also don't want to discard...).

A collection of some thirty of Bill's design bindings is located in Special Collections, and examples of his conservation bindings, numbering well into the many dozens, are scattered through the main rare book and other collections.  We welcome visitors.  

Cordially -------- Sid Huttner
Head, Special Collections & University Archives
The University of Iowa Libraries 

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