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Re: Book Cloth Recommendation Sought

Ah, the book cloth question ------- it is yet another of my interests.
Unfortunately, as hand binders and book conservators, we are at the mercy of the manufacturers. Since we are a very small market, we are forced to look at materials that are made for the mass market. Unfortunately, the number of manufacturers has dwindled and there are only a few book cloth companies in existence. Sadly, it seems that many of our favorite (or, at least my favorite) book cloths have been discontinued due to, I am guessing, a lack of interest --- read that as "Sales".
Fortunately, LBS/Archival Products has been supplying a special cloth to meet our needs. That involved research and a financial commitment. But, again, that special cloth also had to meet the needs of a larger market.

While there are a number of suppliers who carry a variety of book cloths, there may be another source that you should investigate. Many years ago, before the merger of Industrial Coatings Group and Holliston Mills, it was possible to purchase book cloth, in full rolls, directly from them. That may not be possible any more, but I would suggest that you contact ICG Holliston --- www.icgholliston.com --- and request their catalogs of their complete line of book cloths. They may have a cloth that meets your needs and, if desired, you can obtain that through one of the suppliers.

A further comment: I would like to think that even though we are a small market, that if we banded together, we could place an order for a book cloth that meets our needs. A few years ago, one university ordered a book cloth for a special project. It is possible, but, again, it requires a financial commitment.

Bill Minter

On Mar 25, 2009, at 11:28 AM, Jane Thompson wrote:

I will be purchasing fairly soon a substantial quantity of book cloth on
grant funding for a project to last several years. I am making very
large clamshell boxes for scrapbooks and will be doing a bit of repair
of general collection materials. I am seeking two types of cloth:

All-purpose cloth for general collection books and boxes with the
following characteristics:

1. Forgiveness. We are not skilled binders or anywhere near.

2. Durability and longevity

3. Flexibility

4.  Smooth surface for ease in cleaning/dusting books and boxes as our
storage areas can get very dusty


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