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[BKARTS] searching high and low

Dear Artisans and Interested Parties,

I am wondering if you could help me find a term? I have been through the online glossaries, have asked the IOBA Discuss list, and finally got referred to this listserv by a member of the GBW (Thank you for that!).

I'm looking for a term applicable to an open book that refers to the rising curve of the pages that finally and (in many bindings) dramatically dips down to the binding edge. In other words, the shape that the book takes in the vicinity of the spine when the book is lying open face up, that roll and dip. My understanding is that 'gutter' refers to the inner blank space, the margin all along the spine running down to the binding edge. The term, as I understand it, is useful in a discussion of whether a book may be rebound. Unfortunately, though 'gutter' refers to the right location, more or less, it's not exactly the term I'm looking for.

As you know, the quality of a binding is judged (in part) by how flat the open book lies. When discussing this quality, it might be useful to have a term that exactly refers to that gentle roll up and more pronounced dip down, the recto and verso looking like two ocean waves meeting and bowing to each other.

Please let me know what you think.

Thank you.

Brian Herschler

Thank you again.

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