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[BKARTS] workshop at Everett C. College

for info on exhibition and workshop go to:

This workshop investigates the uses and utility of the artist’s sketchbook. A 
tool of long and venerable history, recently celebrated at Harvard's Fogg Art 
Museum, the sketchbook can serve as a planner, recording device, journal, and 
This two day workshop is designed to acquaint the participant with some first 
principals of the craft of bookbinding as well as provide a platform from 
which the participant can merge the generation of IDEA and OBSERVATION with the 
creation of a hand made sketchbook. Beginners are welcome.
We will fabricate a formal book with rigid covers. It is built from the 
ground up and its success is dependent on the success of the previous step. 
Knowledge of this book form will ultimately allow for a great deal of spontaneous 
play.   This structure/ format is a hybrid, combining a traditional sewn text 
block with Ely’s development of the “drum leaf” binding for cover techniques.
This workshop will crack the code for you. Once completed, you will have a 
working vocabulary and will be able to penetrate the manuals and literature that 
surrounds this subject. Once penetration is achieved the world of bookbinding 
becomes your oyster.

Timothy Ely has been making books in various forms since 1958. He received an 
MFA in Design from the University of Washington in 1975 and since that time 
has been making unique manuscript books and teaching the art of the book. He is 
represented by Granary Books in New York City. His books are in public, 
private, and secret collections planet wide. He currently lives near the river in 
Colfax, Washington.

Timothy C. Ely
504 N. Mill St.
Colfax, WA 99111

VOICE: 509 397-3573
FAX: 509 397-3561
E-MAIL axt1221@xxxxxxx

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