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Re: [BKARTS] searching high and low

Thank you everyone! All the input continues to be marvelous. It's fascinating that the question is generating so much discussion.

Some off-list creative suggestions have included 'gutter curve,' and 'lay of the gutter.'

In addition to what English has to offer, I wonder what the French language uses? I notice in the glossaries quite a few book terms have been taken from the French, as their tradition of bookbinding is also quite old. Are there any French or French speaking people on the list who may care to weigh in?

I should say that I'm writing a novel, and am still trying on all the terms thus far suggested. At the same time however, I do want the term to have some currency (in whatever language) in the book arts world. Thus I have come to you.

Thanks again!

Brian Herschler
Nanzan University
Nagoya, Japan

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