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[BKARTS] Tyvek Tales

Two tyvek tales:

1. I listened with horror to friends, who are general contractors, as they discussed finding disintegrating tyvek inside the walls of homes built less than twenty years ago. They said they found tyvek sheeting in the walls of homes they were renovating in tattered shreds. They are returning to using good old tar paper for their own work as a result.

2. A USGS map from REI, that has been on our wall for under four years, recently crumbled into a zillion pieces and fell right off the wall. It had been printed out from their in-store on-demand machines on a tyvek-like material, though I am uncertain exactly what that material is. To their credit, REI refunded in full. I asked about printing out on paper instead, but this option is not available. (Yikes.)

So, what of tyvek and the book arts? I understand some tyvek is sold as "archival," and that this has to do with the various coatings on the tyvek. And, this is what I have been using. But... now I really wonder about tyvek. Can we rest assured about the longevity of this material? Or am I nuts to use it in books I would not want to fall apart in the near future? I really do love how it takes color and have enjoyed using it for end sheets and other purposes, too.

Any thoughts out there?

Andie Thrams

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