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[BKARTS] Throw up and Tyvek

Someone posted a link to "The Movement of the Book Spine" from aic.stanford.edu which was very interesting and certainly academic.  Pete Jermann does a great job with this subject at http://www.temperproductions.com/Bookbinding%20How-to/Reflections/Reflections%203%20-%20Spine%20Control.pdf .  In this essay, he talks a lot about using Tyvek to control the spine.  I did some experiments supplementing my regular spine cloth and stiffener using Tyvek and found, as promised, it would create a nice curve while lacking the "memory lines" and delimitation of card layers.  See my test results at:

My personal thoughts on Tyvek is that it is VERY strong and is designed to last a long time.  If your house was recently constructed, chances are there is a layer of Tyvek used to protect it from moisture.  Since not all types of Tyvek except glue, and some kinds (like the Fedex envelopes) easily delaminate, I used the 2 inch tape meant for sealing around windows and stuff like that.  Tyvek doesn't crease (i.e. it compresses & expands) and will always try to return to its original position and the adhesive is permanent.


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