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Re: [BKARTS] US sources for kangaroo leather?

Hi John,

Kangaroo is a protected wildlife species in Australia.  This is ironic
because in various parts of Australia, there is an overpopulation of wild
kangaroos, and every so often they have to be culled in quite large numbers.

Be that as it may, Australian Customs requires a license for anyone to
export, hence the fee you indicate.

Birdsall Leather in Sydney sell both Vegetable and Chrome tanned kangaroo
skins to businesses in America.  

Vegetable tanned skins are sold to Weaver Leather in Mount Hope, Ohio.

Chrome tanned skins are sold to Sheridan Leather Outfitters, in Sheridan,
WY.  Tel. 307 674 6679

Birdsall's vegetable tanned kangaroo skins come in 3 grades:

Classic:  Skins are fully lacquer sealed, and they have a Gloss finish
Glazed:  Skins are passed through rollers (called calendering) to give a
semi-gloss finish.  
LHG:  These skins are coloured only. They have a dull finish.

(We have no association with Birdsall Leather.)

I hope that this helps you.



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My stock is running low and Hollanders has not carried as of late.  Does
anyone know of a US-based company that carries kangaroo leather.  Australian
sources seem to want to charge a $60 permit per shipment and I don't order
enough to justify that added expense. 



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