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Re: [BKARTS] Nonmetal ring binder mechanisms / small-quantity supplier?


These people make archival ring folders, and will supply you with rings.
Three sizes are available:  25mm, 40mm, 60mm capacity.




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Subject: [BKARTS] Nonmetal ring binder mechanisms / small-quantity supplier?

Hello all,

I have several ring binder projects coming up, and my clients are asking
about alternatives to the shiny silver ring binder mechanisms that are
commonly available. I know about the matte black mechanisms Talas carries,
(which I wish came in different heights, because they're too long for one
job and too short for another), and I also know about Carter Spray, but I
wonder whether anyone knows of a vendor who produces ringer binder
mechanisms from non-metal materials (I'm dreaming of something in wood or
bone, but that's a very long shot, I know).  Also, does anyone know of a
small-quantity supplier with more alternatives than what Talas offers?  I'm
having the hardest time finding one online.

Thanks much,
Cara Schlesinger

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