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Re: [BKARTS] Throw up and Tyvek

I took a trip to Nevada City CA this weekend to help my in-laws clean up
the granny house we built on their lot 25 years ago. The house is of
course wrapped in tyvek. In the garage you can still examine the material.

There were many splits in the material including some that went floor to
ceiling and were 1.5" wide. Apparently the material shrank over the years.
I examined a small sample of edges around some of the smaller splits and
found the tyvek had no strength at all. A very slight tug would leave me
with the scrap pinched between my fingers.

The garage interior was protected from light but subject to extremes of
temperature and humidity. In the summer, Nevada City can reach well over
100F and be very dry. In the winter snow and freezing temperatures can be

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind
(510) 537-9711

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