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Re: [BKARTS] A Queer Analysis of Artists' Books

Michael, it's the kind of paper my own students at NYU (or School of Visual Arts) like to pursue, and it sounds like an interesting project.

As to the specifics:

Me, personally, I would advise you (as I advise a lot of my students in Art History) to keep the deductive approach at arms length: not to go in there looking for the essential queerness of artist's books, but rather to chose an area of book production that, for one reason or another, develops a queer perspective - there seems to be a bit of both approaches in your question.

One specific area worth investigating: the Arts and Crafts/Fin-de-Siecle/Decadent movement, starting with a reading of Walter Pater and Oscar Wilde. Pater's suppressed section from "The Renaissance" might answer your need nicely.

Paul Werner, New York

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