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Re: [BKARTS] A Queer An alysis of Artists' B ooks‏

@ you know who you are:  I cannot believe how utterly condescending and rude
you have been. Totally out of order. If you don't like something that's
posted, ignore it.  There's no need to use your flaming fingers to make this
listserv hostile to queer folks (not that many on here would tolerate

@ Michael:  Three comments:

1. As  you become more familiar with research practices in general, and the
methodologies used by scholars in queer studies, you will quickly figure out
that its best to allow yourself to discover the "queer" sensibilities in the
book form, than to presume that it (whatever you already believe or assume
it looks like) is already there waiting to be discovered.  In fact, that's
what makes queer theory particularly powerful; there's no assumption about
what "queer" is and looks like, nor where you might encounter such a

2.  If it is the work of self-identified lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender book artists you are interested in studying, you will still need
to narrow your focus to the work of such book artists that address the
specific aspects of queerness that you are interested in.  Be aware that not
everyone sees their art and scholarship as directly connected to their
identity, politics, etc.  It would be great if you could talk to those who
do see the form as particularly suited to exploring issues & questions
related to a "queer sensibility", however they define that.

3. Last year, or maybe it was the year before, in middle of an artists'
books conference in Chicago where there were splendiferous artists' books
all over the place, I encountered a brilliant, moving elegy on hate crimes
against glbt persons that actually stopped me in my tracks.  One had to
discover this content of course, because there was no way to figure this out
until one was well into the book.  And this might have been the only such
themed-work on the artists' table.  I suspect that he probably felt called
to doing this particular piece. I believe the artist is from Rochester, NY
and is connected to the books arts program there. Do I remember his name?

Good luck with your project! There are all kinds of interesting directions
and turns that it can take!


2009/4/8 Michael Carosone <michaelcarosone@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> My name is Michael Carosone, and I am a student in the master's degree
> program in library and information science at the Palmer School of Library
> and Information Science of Long Island University (LIU).  I am taking all of
> my classes at LIU's Manhattan site, which is New York University's (NYU)
> Bobst Library.
> I am taking a class, "Artists' Books"; the professor is Dr. Constance Woo.
>  For the class, I am writing a research paper on the relationship between
> artists' books, queer book artists, queer book arts, queer theory, queer
> studies, and the queer community (queer = Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and
> Transgender; GLBTQ).
> Where can I find literature on my topic, in order to support my ideas and
> theory?  Are there any essays, articles, books out there?  I have done some
> research, but have not been successful.  I want to write on how, both,
> artists' books, as an art form, is marginalized, and how the queer community
> is marginalized, which may be a reason as to why queer artists make artists'
> books.  I want to do a queer reading and analysis of artists' books.  I want
> to apply queer theory to artists' books.  And I want to discover what
> happens when artists' books and queer theory and the queer community come
> together: the intersection.  I am also interested in knowing if there is
> anything "queer" about artists' books.  Maybe even start a queer discourse
> on artists' books.
> Can you help me with any advice, suggestions, information, etc?  I
> appreciate your help.  I would also like to include your thoughts in my
> paper, giving you credit, of course.  Can you answer some questions (below)?
>  I appreciate your time.
> 1. Is there a relationship between artists' books and the queer community?
>  Whether yes or no, please, explain.
> 2. Is there a queer sensibility to artists' books?  Explain.
> 3. Is there a queer history in artists' books?  Explain.
> 4. Can you think of any other questions that I should ask?
> Thank you,
> Michael Carosone
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