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[BKARTS] A Queer/GLBTQI Theoretical Analysis of Artists' Books and Book Arts

Hello, everyone,


It is Michael Carosone again.  I never thought that my simple questions (and my reaching out to a community of artists) would result in such reactions.


First, I must thank all of those who were supportive and helpful.  Every bit of information is helpful.  I thank you, and you know who you are; I do not have to list names.


Second, I must apologize for offending anyone, which was not my intention.  However, I must also admit that I was offended by some of the things that some people wrote and posted.  Then again, I am a 33 year old, gay man, and ignorance does not surprise me; I am used to it by now.


Third, except for one class that I took at the Center for Book Arts in NYC, 11 years ago, I am somewhat new to the world of book arts and artists' books, which is the reason as to why I posted my questions on this listserv.  However, I am definitely not new to the world of homophobia and heterosexism--I live both, daily.  


Fourth, I am not new to the worlds of academia and research.  Some of you think that because I introduce myself as a student, I am clueless.  I am a returning, graduate student.  I know how to research, as I have already earned two master's degrees: one MA in English, and one MS in education.  Believe me, I did a lot of research for both degrees.  I am also a writer.  This MSLIS degree will be my third.  I was also in a doctoral program in English, and my dissertation was to be on queer literature (yes, we use the word "queer").  I know a lot about queer theory (but thanks to the person who sent me the link to Wikipedia for a definition of it).  I consider myself a humanist, not a social scientist; therefore, I do not conduct research like a social scientist.  But thanks to the gentleman who informed me to conduct my research like a social scientist.  Not everyone is a social scientist, and we literature folks do things differently.  


Fifth, because I am new to the world of book arts and artists' books, I was simply wondering if anyone knew of any information for me, if anyone could inform me on queer book artists and their queer books/work.  Thanks to those who supplied some very helpful information.  I must also add that many members of this listserv were unable to supply information, which may mean that the lack of information on my topic may prove my point that the queer experience with artists' books is rare, lacking, non-existant, and/or marginalized.    


Sixth, from my own observations and experiences, I have noticed that the queer/gay/GLBTQI community is marginalized (but this does not have to be a negative thing or an insult), and that within the mainstream society, artists' books are also marginalized, not as popular as other art forms (and again, this does not have to be a negative thing or an insult).  I like not being a part of the mindless mainstream--many times, this is a good thing. 


Seventh, for those heterosexuals who know nothing about the queer/gay/GLBTQI community: Yes, we use the word/term "queer" in a positive way, and so can you.  And yes, queer theory, queer studies, queer art, and queer literature all exist, and are all worthy.  And what does Bill O'Reilly have to do with my questions?  


Finally, I simply want to know about the relationship between artists' books/book arts and the queer experience.  I think that something exists, and I want to try to find it.  I am not of the form that my essay will take, but I know that it will take a form.  I simply posted my questions because I wanted to know if anyone knew of some good articles, essays, books, etc. on my topic--nothing more, nothing less.  From the posts that I have read on this listserv, in response to my post, there does not seem to be anything published on my topic.  I guess that I am the first.    



Michael Carosone    



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