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[BKARTS] Bravo, Peter! A rookie's view of a senseless "debate"

Book folks: I signed on to this list to learn from the observations,
musings and exchanges of book-related masters, practitioners and
enthusiasts.  Indeed, I generally have been pleased with, learned
from (although my sewing fingers lag behind) and been encouraged by the
postings I've read over the past month or so -- even to the extent I'm
emboldened, almost, to pose a neophyte's question or two.  (OK, since you
insist, here's one:  How did perfect binding come to be called
"perfect"?)  But the current atmosphere has me perplexed. An aspiring
writer/researcher asks a question in good faith.  A firestorm of
conflicting opinions and rants ensues, almost to the exclusion of other
more pertinent matters.  Why?  To what end? Homosexuality engages
everyone, with no exceptions I'm aware of, at some level.  Up, down,
sideways, it doesn't matter.  But why shouild that have anything to do
with the project at hand?  Again as a newcomer, I encourage us to to
return to what matters, in my view, and what ought to be occupying our
time: The art, craft and history of the book. Thanks for listening.  And
thanks to Peter V. for serving as our grownup. Peter Engbretson PS: As a
lapsed sociologist, I would encourage the gentleman who unintentionally
initiated this broohaha to enroll in a class or two on research
methodology as he pursues his thesis.  I, for one, would like to read
what he comes up with.  As most of us understand, marginality is hardly a
unimportant issue in any sphere of life.

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