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Re: [BKARTS] A Queer An alysis of Artists' B ooks

Dear John Cutrone & Michael Carosone -

Although I can only speak directly for myself, I think the objections to Michael Carosone's request is that he is only soliciting responses from those who support his his idea and theory ("Where can I find literature on my topic, in order to support my ideas and theory?").

John, you ask the question "Don't interviews with qualified people (most of us on this list are book artists, no?) count as valid research?"

I do not feel it does if you are only soliciting information from people with one viewpoint on a subject. By doing so, you are greatly limiting the possible value of your work. At best, this method can result in interesting personal viewpoints. It can not even answer the fundamental question if there is, in fact, an overlap between the two "marginalized", to use Mr. Carosone's terminology, groups.

Michael, you are correct. From your initial post I assumed that you were a beginning student. To be honest, I am surprised, since you already have several degrees, that you haven't experienced these objections before. Use some common sense. If you want to prove or disprove something, isn't it reasonable to gather as many resources as possible and then see what the outcome is? By "cherry picking" data points, be they personal experiences or dots on a graph, any theory can be proved or disproved. Do you really want your work in this category? If this is the norm in the fields you have experience in, then I would suggest that you really question the rational behind it.

Finally, I would like to make it very clear that I am not criticizing Mr. Carosone's questions or topic. What I am criticizing is his method of proving his "theory" (again, Mr. Carosone's own words.) I feel it is necessary to make this clarification because of the number of personal emails I have received, attacking me because of my first comments on this subject. I find it ironic that people who preach acceptance of different opinions and viewpoints, do not extend the same courtesy to those who do not agree (even if it is in their own perception) with them.

Frank Lehmann

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