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Re: [BKARTS] A Queer Analysis of Artists' Books

I found this discussion really interesting as it demonstrated that while we
are all united under the mantle of BookArts, differences still exist.  And
boy, these differences sure generate lively conversation.  I found the many
definitions to the term "queer" very interesting and significant in
understanding just how minute or blatant our differences can be.

my recommendations to Michael, (if he hasn't already tried them):

1.  visit Printed Matter (printedmatter.org) a non-profit organization in
chelsea that promotes book arts.  They have a lot of exhibitions that
involve book arts as activism too.  They also carry LTTR, which someone else
on this list already suggested.  While PM might seem like a boutique store,
I bet someone on staff would be helpful to your research if you approached
them.  Checking out their website, I quickly found the title: Queer
guess they've already considered this topic.

2.  try to reach the founding members of moblivre-bookmobile project.  (
mobilivreproject.org)  This project traveled the continent to bring books
arts to the masses.  I know when I encountered it, I saw a lot of works
directly addressing marginalized and/or queer communities.  This
recommendation might be more of a longshot.

good luck with research!

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