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Re: [BKARTS] protecting books in the tropics

The Getty Conservation Institute (http://www.getty.edu/conservation/) has done an immense amount of work in this area, with immensely varied archeological and cultural materials, including those common to libraries.  A good starting point might be the Spring 2007 issue of their _Newsletter_, available online at http://www.getty.edu/conservation/publications/newsletters/22_1/. 

This issue discusses particularly low-tech strategies for stabilizing materials in "difficult" environments and the way in which high-tech strategies are not only expensive and wasteful but often are unsustainable and sometimes actually counterproductive.  Many cultures have worked out successful solutions to long-term storage of library materials that typically use locally available technologies and materials and rely on, for example, seemingly simple things like good light, excellent ventilation, and careful housekeeping (which may themselves be difficult to sustain through periods of political turmoil, etc.).

Cordially ------- Sid Huttner
The University of Iowa Library     

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