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[BKARTS] Any Poor Portland, OR Would-be Bookbinders on the List?

Are there any folks on this list who live in Portland, Oregon and who would like to work together to gain skills in traditional bookbinding on a personal basis? 

The big suppliers, groups and classes don't seem to be regular or local and when classes or seminars are offered, they are expensive. I don't own a car which makes things even more difficult. I have invested in a good old cast iron book press and some supplies as well as books to self-teach but it's tough to try and gain competency on my own, especially when most of what is offered locally relates to creating new books or books for competition or crafting 'zines or the like rather than learning traditional conservatorship or repair of case bindings and paper materials.

I have an extremely small income but I do have access to an almost unlimited number of distressed, old and damaged books that could be used for practice and would be willing to pool resources and work with others to plan some educational evening work sessions.

I am a local author and work for an independent bookstore. Anyone interested in this?

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