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Re: [BKARTS] protecting books in the tropics

From:    Clark Trexel <shevek26@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: protecting books in the tropics
I would appreciate information on preserving books in a damp insect heavy environment.
I live in a rain forest area of Panama and have been assisting the small, local library....

Hi Christine,

Here are some more links to add to the literature suggested by Sid and Alan on the care of books and archives in tropical climates.

The Getty has done quite a bit of research on controlling humid environments in historic buildings, including libraries and archives, using air circulation. Some articles can be found at http://www.getty.edu/conservation/science/climate/climate_publications.html

Here is some information to help curb insect problems in libraries and archives

This article has a lot of good information on handling moldy collection materials
Guild, Sherry and Maureen MacDonald. TB #26 Mould Prevention and Collection Recovery: Guidelines for Heritage Collections. Ottawa, Canada: Canadian Conservation Institute, 2004.
Summary available online at

Good luck,
Olivia Primanis
Harry Ransom Center
The University of Texas at Austin


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