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Re: [BKARTS] what's happened to this group?

It's called "splitting," and it's a tactic well-known to teachers and shrinks.
Student uses the sense of responsibility of the teacher or the list
member ("I need help with this project!") to draw us in, and pretty soon we've
all been "exposed" and we're all at each others' throats, which is the real
payoff. I had to smile when even Michael couldn't keep his own scorecard 
straight as to who was a "homophobe" and who wasn't. 

Strictly amateur stuff; most of us engage in splitting in small, harmless ways,
but it can get nasty sometimes if the splitter is desperate enough, especially 
for a teacher who after all has a professional responsibility towards his/her 
students. Every few years I get a panicked call from a department 
chair because one of my students has accused me of 
homophobia/antisemitism/communism/sexism/racism/etc. Then we talk about 
it. Then we have a good laugh. Then we go back to doing our jobs as best we 
know how, not to mention admiring the sunrise...

Paul Werner, New York

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