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I raise my hand in agreement! Keep it simple.

From:    Kathleen Garness <kmgfinearts@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: exhibit entries wish list

That's a good call, Johanne - there is inconsistency within the  
artists' world about submission processes and some streamlining would  
be welcome. A recent exhibit (not book arts but botanical) to which I  
was accepted just needed the image, some information about it and  
contact information. The details were due shortly after acceptance.  
Fair enough.

Your comment seems very pertinent, since I usually tweak my artist's  
statement for each exhibit and audience. Resumes and bios I suppose  
can stay on hand, but even then, sometimes there are size limits or  
focus on content. It takes time to make one for each purpose (in my  
case, scientific art, fine arts, botanical, or book arts).



On Apr 15, 2009, at 9:45 AM, Johanne Renbeck wrote:

> Recently there have been comments about the wish for lots of lead  
> time in calls for entries so that artists can respond with new  
> work.  People have also expressed appreciation for submissions by e-
> mail.  I join the chorus on both counts and want to add another  
> item to the wish list for ease of submission.  I have just spent  
> days submitting to a couple of shows that required a great deal of  
> information with my submission:  full resume, short bio, detailed  
> image list, forms about each book submitted, artist statements,  
> etc, etc.  I am wishing that the initial submission could be  
> streamlined to images and a brief statement about the work.  If  
> work is accepted, then I'll be happy to send on all the additional  
> information.  If not, my life is streamlined and I can use all the  
> found time in my studio to do what I love.
> Cheers,
> Jo
> www.JohanneRenbeck.com 
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