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On Apr 16, 2009, at 10:37 AM, Alice Simpson wrote:

I raise a provocative question...

How do you feel about Call for Entries which:
• require entry fees;

That seems standard these days. Makes me pretty fussy about where to submit work. But look at it from the gallery's POV: it costs a lot to maintain a salary to staff the gallery, plus cover all the overhead and promotion/opening expenses.

• expect artists to ship work to and from gallery;
Ditto. Would like if they at least handled the 'from' but with arts budgets being what they are, I don't expect it. Which is why most of my work is only in local shows.

• may not provide insurance;
That does not please me but again, doesn't surprise me.

• exhibit work for ONE MONTH;
Galleries seem to do better having more shows. The openings bring in the customers, when there are any.

• ask for fifty (50) percent of sales?

Between 40% and 60% commission is often the rule. That's why so many artists are online, doing self-promotion these days. Which is sad, because the community built from having a central gallery location is good for artists, esp. in smaller towns.
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