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Re: [BKARTS] An Amazing Lincoln Memorial Notebook on Display-

The Prints & The Paper wrote:
It always amazes me when people think of such interesting things to do....I
recall seeing one huge artists book that contained the coin change the maker
had received each day for various transactions over the period of a year,
with notes and receipts re each transaction....
You'll be interested in the story of Jill Price, a woman with an amazing autobiographical memory who keeps comprehensive records of everything she does and notices. Among her works are her minutely detailed diaries in her own densely compacted idiosyncratic hand. There's a complete rundown here, with some compelling illustrations:

Seeing this gave me an eerie feeling of self-recognition. Most of my work is self-reflective, not only in the sense of being about me, but also being about the work itself. I originally started my journals -- <http://www.madlaughter.com/fff> and <http://www.madlaughter.com/slides> -- for the pleasure of writing out my thoughts by hand after years in the galleys (pun intended and highly appropriate). They evolved into notes for a book about my adventures as a journalist in the American underground of dope-dealing communes and alternate culture while writing for Rolling Stone and Playboy. So much was happening at any given moment that I wanted to keep a record that would enable me to reconstruct complex events. This included observations about my state of mind, which, as you might imagine, was not always in what we might choose to call a normal state of consciousness. I can still look at those pages and go back to exactly where I was when I wrote my often cryptic clues, hints and comments.

The author of the article about Jill Price suggests that she may be a victim of obsessive compulsive disorder. I'm not going to try to argue him out of that because I saw looking into this strange magnifying mirror my own art, which is as much obsession as career choice, utterly compulsive, for sure, although not necessarily a disorder (I hope).

JULES SIEGEL Apdo. 1764, 77501-Cancun, Q. Roo, Mexico


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