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Re: [BKARTS] Onion Skin?

Hi Jesse et al
I still use an old pad of "Onion skin finish" Air Mail paper. It is just
fine, almost transparent paper.
It was made in Australia and designed to lessen the weight of an overseas
letter...when we used to send them.
Funnily, I sent a letter to my friend in NY just this morning, written on
the very same. It's looking a bit faded on the edges. Mine is a soft green.
I love it!
Regards from
Anne Newton
PO Box 174 
Australia. 3052.

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Hello List.

Has anyone here ever heard of, or worked with onionskin paper? Is  
this an actual paper made using onion skin, or it just approximates  
onionskin? Similar to elephant hide paper? Is there such a thing?

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