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Re: [BKARTS] Secret Belgian Binding question

Mary Jane wrote:
It's easier to teach the method with the text block sewn first, and
most of my bookbinding friends prefer it.  The end result can be a
little "wobbly," though, so I don't like the result as much.  If you
try this method, I've found using "tapes" of thin mylar under the text
block stitching works well -- the mylar is easier to pull out than
other materials (like Tyvek) after you sew on the covers and spine,
and you're not as likely to puncture it with your needle and
accidentally sew it, too.

Mary Jane,

This is helpful.  I have noticed that the two books I have made which
have the text block sew first are wobbly.  The second is better than
the first, which goes to show that experience is an asset.  I just don't
like the loose feel.

If I sew the signatures on to the case, do you do a link stitch to connect
the signature middles to the case?  Or maybe just link stitch
the top and bottom of the book block?  Or do you do any link stitches at all?

I tried Tyvex and agree that this as a tape, for this style of book, is for the birds.
I will try the mylar instead. I really like this style of book, I just want a tighter
book that doesn't feel so loose.

Diana wrote:
I am following this thread with interest.  As a relatively new bookbinder,
where can you best find examples of these wonderful stitched bindings? I
would appreciate any direction to books, courses, tutorials, diagrams, etc.

I have used Cherryl Moote's instructions the most. I haven't taken a class
on this subject because book arts aren't a big thing in my area and no
one (that I could find) is teaching this. I did lots of google searches and found
pictures and the quick instructions shown on the web. Cherryl's book is more
expensive than I normally pay for books for a hobby, but this book is well worth
the price. The book she covers this in is called Books With Girth. She sews
the text block first, then does the cover around.

One website I found referenced doing the case first then the signatures to the cover.
This book style is credited to Hedi Kyle who is said to have rediscovered this binding.
If you get Cherryl's book, also get the Simply Bound book. This has a set of
instructions for the Blizzard Book, also attributed to Hedi Kyle, which is my next


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