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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 23 Apr 2009 to 24 Apr 2009 (#2009-115)

I'm sorry to hear there is no more onion skin in your stash but your
auction story is treasure enough!  I am delighted to hear people's
onion-inspired reminiscences.  The book I'm making is about an
interaction between a 'published' story and its manuscript version.
The two versions are interleaved and I want the manuscript version to
be on authentic onion skin. Everyone's stories are making me all the
more determined to gather enough onion skin paper for my edition.
I've had some generous people contact me already which I greatly
appreciate.  It is one of the wonders of this here inter-web thingy!

-Elisabeth Long (old enough to remember onion skin but young enough to
be a computer geek)

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> OK - I'll weigh in. Early in my writing career (typewriter, folks) I used
> onion skin for "second sheets" - it was often used when making multiple
> carbon copies so that the impressing could get through all of the layers.
> And carbon paper!!! Maddening if you inserted one of the sheets backwards,
> so your typing wound up in reverse on the back of a previous page.
> When I was around eight years old ... ahem, circa 1951....my mother took me
> to an auction. There was a HUGE box of old office paper on offer...paper of
> various kinds, carbon paper, receipt books, etc. As a child who loved to
> write and draw and who often was given brown paper bags for these projects
> instead of "real" paper, I was eager to bid on the box. I had the huge sum
> of 25 cents. I made such a commotion about it, asking as each item was
> auctioned off when the box of paper would come up, and did my mother think I
> would get it for my quarter, that everyone in the room knew how passionate I
> was about bidding on it. So the auctioneer finally brought it up with a
> grin, started the bidding at 25 cents, and everyone in the room grinned and
> sat on his/her hands.
> So I won my prize....and long after I was an adult I was still using paper
> from that box. (In fact, as a person who has never been able to throw away
> paper, I checked my "old paper" stash to see if any onion skin was left that
> I could share - but alas. Gone. Anyone need old carbon paper though?) I do
> have old manuscript copies on onion skin, but those are stored away
> somewhere. And yes - it was thin, crinkly, crisp, and obviously it lasted
> over time.)

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