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[BKARTS] Thailand, Tyvek, Blizzard Books & trimming on responses

Please forgive me for coming in on a whole bunch of discussion, possibly at
a late date. I am on digest, and I've fallen behind in my email recently, so
I'm commenting on a numer of threads at once. For the person who was
interested in papermaking in Thailand, you may want to check out the dung
paper project. They actually make paper from elephant dung and use the
proceeds to help save elephants. I find the idea of "paper from poop" pretty
cool and would want to see how it works. Here are a couple of links:
http://www.elephantdungpaper.com/ &

Now on to Tyvek: There are a whole bunch of variations of Tyvek. I'm sorry
but I can't seem to quickly find my file of bookmarks from when I researched
it a few years ago. A good place to start is at DuPont's web site. I've
played around with scraps of Tyvek, I begged off a contaractor building
house near me. Also in a book I did a year or two ago, I used Tygerrag (my
spelling is surely off) which is a type of Tyvek that is coated so that you
can print on it. And in a workshop I took from Hedi Kyle some time ago, we
used Tyvek for bindings and book covers. I did not ask Hedi (who brought the
Tyvek) where she got it. It is fun because you can color it by rubbing on
acrilics. As for how well it lasts under what conditions, again you should
check out what DuPont has to say about it.

Speaking of Hedi Kyle and blizzard book instructions, it is indeed
unfortunate that Hedi, who is a perfectly wonderful person, has not always
been credited with creating the blizzard book. I myself learned how to make
the book (and a nifty cover Hedi teaches) from instructions that used to be
posted in the "projects" section of the Yastutomo web site with no credit at
all to Hedi for the idea. (Apparently they have removed them; I looked for
them to send in response to the initial request for instructions.) The
YouTube video is another book form, so I think at this point the best
sources for instructions are the Penland book and the Green Chair Press
site. In fairness to Green Chair Press, under US copyright law, an idea
(e.g., how to make a blizzard book) is not copyrightable, though
instructions are copyrightable. And Susan Angebranndt clearly credits the
idea of the blizzard book to Hedi.

My experience with Hedi as a workshop instructor is that she is wonderfully
well organized and generous with her ideas, but she is more interested in
developing new ideas than she is in writing up instructions about how to
implement those ideas. Quite simply, I think that Hedi, wonderful as she is,
does not like to write up instructions. In the workshop I took with her,
rather than instructions for one project, she gave us photos someone had
taken as she folded the item in a previous workshop. In fact, when I saw the
Penland book I was amused to see that the Lark editors included pictures of
her folding the blizzard book, rather than instructions drawn amd written by
her. Moreover, though it is well known that Hedi came up with the flag book
form, I've never seen any instructions by her, though I've seen many
instructions on how to make a flag book by others. That fact should show us
(if we did not already know from experience) that writing up clear
instructions is not all that easy and deserves to be rewarded even if the
instructions are for a design the instruction-writer did not originate. So I
think that, rather than being criticized, Susan deserves some credit for
making available instructions on how to make the blizzard book. And even
with Susan's instructions, one does not get all the information that one
gets in a workshop with Hedi.

Finally, being on digest, I'm perhaps more sensitive than others to the
problem of people failing to trim off the item -- or the entire digest
containing the item to which they are responding. Now that I am using gmail,
rather than AOL, I sympathise as I have yet to figure out how to quickly and
easily cut off the incoming messages in my response, but still it is a
hassle to read a digest that contains hugh chunks of earlier digests of
messages. So, could people please watch out for this. Thanks so much.

Sally Canzoneri

202-625-2124 (work-home)
202-288-8074 (cell)

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