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[BKARTS] About Hedi Kyle creation and PDF instructions

My intent here is not criticize and flame any one.  There are several issues posed by the posting of instructions on the Green Chair Press website.
Writing the instructions probably took some time and previous experience. Susan does give credit to Hedi. But, once the instructions are written it takes two (2) mouse clicks to convert them to PDF. And by the way, Paypal takes not more than 55 to 65 cents from a $5.00 transaction. So is it fair to sell them? I am not sure of the answer, but I do think it is worth asking. Does the $5.00 cover the cost of hosting the website on a server? 

But the point is, how many PDFs will Susan need to sell to recuperate her time in writing the instructions. And whether it is legal or not to write instruction about someone else's is probably not the issue; the issue is: is it fair to the inventor to have someone else sell the instructions and profit in whatever small way in selling them. I think it is fair to discuss this point and to hear what others have to say, as some younger people joining the list at this time may be relying on reading these opinions.

Which then brings another thought into this: let's say I buy the instructions, make a book, then become really good at it and decide to teach the technique (method) in a workshop. Do I charge my students for the PDF or the printout of the PDF, because at this point I would need to protect both Hedi and Susan copyrights.

Discussing any point of interest to any member of this listserv seems to be the democratic way of doing things, it is definetely the academic way and the intellectual way. This is particularly true if we consider that, at least partly, we can shape our thoughts and/or opinions from exchanges read here. 

Progress can truly be achieved by sharing and exhanging ideas and views, we do need to allow others to express their views whether we agree or not. IN the process we should also remember to be courteous, polite and considerate in how we phrase; and if we cannot do that, maybe we should pass on commenting on the post that does not sit well with us, or maybe wait a few days before saying anything.

I am commenting because a few years ago, a photographer gave me a set of note cards at a Christmas gift exchange. When I looked at the cards, 3 of them were based on the work of a photographer I knew, they were exactly the same as the originals, and to make matters worse, they had not even bothered to crop the original author's signature. It has been more than 14 years, and I still find that offensive. But I digress. Sara and Sharon, thanks for asking the question and I for one understand your reason for asking, and I do not believe you are insulting either Susan or Hedi.

The democratic ways of this list are to complimented and encouraged to continue. 

Respectfully to all posters, readers and Peter;

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