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[BKARTS] copyrights, credits and perspective

Email is a lovely thing.  It can carry tone and be read, misread,
forwarded and certainly stored long after the writer remembers
composing such a response.

I have purchased the Green Chair instructions, and before it
became a topic on the list.

I appreciate the reminder from Tara and Sharon that I should watch where
I spend my money and not reward those who steal another's idea. I appreciate
Natalie's reminder to go directly to the source before I reward someone with
my order. What I am told might actually impress me even more so I know
I have spent my money wisely. And finally, I appreciate Sally for the
perspective that Hedi is a creative type, not a describe-it-with-the-written-word type.

It seems to me that perspective is the most important part here.
It helps us all if we try to read what was meant, and not exactly what
was typed.  Perspective is like sugar, it makes taking the medicine
easier and sweetens the pie.  The pie being our community and list,
the medicine being someone else's view on what is right and what is wrong.

Some may need some facts to along with this. Green Chair charges $5 for
a single sheet about the Blizzard book. This purchase is a two sheet instruction,
with one being on the Blizzard and one being on the Crown. Hedi is credited,
and a lovely credit it is too. I could not have made either without the assistance
of other written instructions. Instead of reading this a fault of Green Chair Press,
read it as this student (ME!) is an unusual learner and needs expanded instructions that are
very clear (to the point of being anal). This might be why Sally's comments
really hit home with me.

Thanks to everyone for the help.  If anyone knows of a class/workshop
coming up, I would still like to hear.


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