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Re: [BKARTS] Hedi Kyle's Blizzard Book--instructions?

I think this whole discussion about the blizzard book has raised a more 
general question, especially for those of us who teach.   While I did not 
invent the structure, in my early teaching experience I taught a class in how to 
make a small notepad cover. I had carefully worked out all the measurements 
and procedures, done a handout and taught the class. I also sold the 
finished product at a local craft store. In a few weeks a student came to me, very 
excited, and told e how she was very successfully selling the note pad 
covers I had taught her.   At ffirst I was very upset--she was selling MY BOOK!   
But then I realized I had freely taught it to her and what did I expect her 
to do with that information. She was supposed to USE it and she did.   
Through 25 years of teaching I have struggled with this but I hope by now come 
to see that the reward for me is the teaching and that once I give out my 
knowledge it is no longer exclusively mine. I still do put a copywrite on the 
instructions I write and charge others to print and use that writing--which I 
think is fair to everyone, But the knowledge they gain from a class I have 
taught is theirs to do with whatever they want. I appreciate it when they 
acknowledge me as their teacher but they are not required to do so.

Patricia Grass

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