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Re: [BKARTS] FW: [BKARTS] Twittering Twits...


The Cartoon itself was a biting commentary on where we've come as a culture.
Email was and remains meant for discussion and debate as well as discourse
and coherent thinking.  Not the banal banter as you most aptly put it of a
Twitter that subsists on a diet of alphabet soup with its IMHO and OMG's!
Words are words, and we should use them to their best potential, not as
acronyms which can confuse and offend.  

But the Joke is well taken.  The Cartoon poignant, gone are the days of
Tolstoy and his massive tomes in 10pt and upwards to 1000 pgs.  Instead its
all about brevity and keeping it short.  Tolstoy, Hugo, even Dickens and Poe
would all cringe to see where writing has come in just a short 150 years.  


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John, I think Peter was making a joke.  Birds twitter, people discuss
(although people do sometimes become twitterpated).  But you do know that
twitter has a 140 character limit per message--that is precisely why it
appears to be a home for rather banal banter, not discussion.

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