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[BKARTS] Tyvek update

I had hoped to be able to report back with some new and helpful info on tyvek, but it is surprisingly difficult to find much specific info about the different tyveks being sold out there. The DuPont site is FULL of many, many different types of tyvek. Only one type is noted as being appropriate for "archival" purposes (whatever that may mean), and that is #1059B. This seems to be because it does not have any coatings. But, I have not yet found anyone who actually carries this type. University Products, who responded very quickly to my questions, let me know they are looking into carrying #1059B. But, most the suppliers I have asked either don't actually know what type of tyvek they are selling or have not been able to give me clear information on what type they sell, or whether their tyvek has any coatings. The product numbers listed by most suppliers do not correspond with the DuPont tyvek product numbers... it is surprisingly wacky trying to figure this out.

So. I am really thinking about how much I appreciate lovely paper...

I will let the list know if I find anything else out about tyvek.

Andie Thrams

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