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[BKARTS] laminating

Customers often want me to rebind paperbacks to which they are sentimentally attached. The books have a perfect binding (I love this malapropism) and the pages have begun to fall out. I carefully remove the cover (sometimes a tacking iron is useful for loosening the spine) , fan glue the textblock after trimming the spine side, reinforce the spine portion of the cover from the inside with Tyvek, reattach the cover with hot glue, and trim the whole thing in a paper trimmer. This works beautifully, and it's quick. (I'm not so interested in the archival quality of this work, since the paper quality is so poor the paper will disintegrate before the rebinding deteriorates.)

However, sometimes the spine is a bit frayed, and I would like to strengthen is by laminating it. Does anyone know of a transparent laminating product that can be applied with a tacking iron?

Thanks to members of this group who turned me on to Tyvek--- a great product with many uses. By the way, Tyvek is free--- just go to your neighborhood post office and pick up some of those free mailers. The PO thinks we're going to use them to mail things--- heh heh heh.

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