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Re: [BKARTS] Chemistry and the dangers of materials

I cannot answer your question about listservs or discussion
groups which address dangerous materials.  What I can say is
that among the books in my reference collection are 40-50
volumes which address one or another aspect of the issue,

_Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products_ (various editions
and authors)
_Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials_ by N. Irving Sax
_Hazardous Materials Reference Book: Cross Index_ by Davis & Davis
_Handbook of Poisoning_ by Robt. H. Dreisbach
_Artist Beware_ by Michael McCann
_Bacterial and Mycotic Infections of Man_ Rene J. Dubos, ed.
_Fire Protection Handbook_ (many editions; publ. by National
Fire Protection Association)

Nothing against MSDS sheets, but it is always useful to have as
broad an acquaintance as possible with the physical/chemical
properties of materials we may be working with, and it ain't all
contained in a MSDS.

One thing to keep in mind is that chemical such as thymol are
known as fungistats, not fungicides.

Fungistats stop things growing, but will not kill them.  Fungicides
will kill them, but anything which will kill mold can also kill you.


>Mostly I lurk here, but the fungicide discussion made me wonder if
>there is any list or discussion group related to the chemistry and
>dangers of the materials we use and experiment with?
>I read a lot of multi-media art magazines and I get real nervous when
>someone includes wallpaper as a recommended material, but doesn't
>mention that most wallpapers today are impregnated with fungicides.
>I frequently have questions about chemistry, vapors, fumes, etc. that
>I would love to ask someone.
>Sharon Wildwind

Thompson Conservation Lab.



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