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Re: [BKARTS] Bookbinder's ticket

For those who want to follow up on this topic, we have about 500 binders tickets online at the American Bookbinders' Museum website. We are actively seeking further scans of tickets and collections of tickets. To see at them, go to the "bookbinders" section of our site:


and look through the entries for the various binders. When we have an image of a ticket it appears at the top of the listing.

Most often binders' tickets are similar to booksellers' tickets, around 1/2" x  1" or a bit bigger, and are adhered to the inside of one of the boards near one of the corners. Sometimes they are much bigger, up to several inches square, and may be pasted to the free endpaper or elsewhere. We have never seen a dated one.

Binders' tickets are of surprising importance as primary historical material, especially for small-town and short-lived binderies. By recording the name, city, and nature of the bindery they make it possible to do more extensive research using general records like city directories and census records. In many cases, even the existence of the binder would not be suspected were it not for the ticket.

Tom Conroy
American Bookbinders' Museum
San Francisco


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