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Re: [BKARTS] Bookbinder's ticket

Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 16:33:45 +1000 From: David Amstell <d.amstell@xxxxxxxxx> Subject: Re: Bookbinder's ticket

We also  print our own labels or bookbinder's tickets each year, small ones
for small books, and slightly larger ones for larger books.  They each have
the year printed on them.  We print them on smooth "parchment" paper, with a
laser printer.  Before cutting them up, each sheet, which has 20 or 30
labels on them, is given one or two coats of Klucel G, to stabilize the

When a book is restored, we use a "Restored by" ticket.    When a book is
bound, we use a "Bound by" ticket.


When you state that you are stabilizing the toner, is this because the toner
is acidic, or because the toner wears off in time?  I am not familiar with
Klucel G.  Is this where I write *obviously*? ;-)

The ticket design I have created allows me to write the date, and other
tidbits I wish to add.  It is more of a historical snapshot than just a
claim to binding.  I am hesitant to post this as a graphic on the Internet
because on the Internet nothing dies.

I plan on using the "Bound by" and "Restored by" text as David has reminded me.
I might add in a bit of the list that was discussed a few months back (March)
when giving friends/relatives who don't understand the process.  You can
read Tawn's comments here:

I would like to swap bookbinder's tickets with anyone that would like to swap with
me. Just email me off the list. Maybe Peter will let us do a whole list swap.
I don't know the rules on that, so Peter, please explain.


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