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[BKARTS] Keep Cool: Summer Workshops at South Florida's Jaffe Center for Book Arts

at Florida Atlantic University's Wimberly Library in Boca Raton


Come inside and stay cool with JCBA's summer book arts workshops! All proceeds from these workshops benefit a new JCBA scholarship fund... so you get to stay cool, learn some way-cool bookish techniques, and support a very cool cause all at the same time. Full details on each workshop are at our website:


Just click on the WORKSHOPS link and you're on your way. Full details on the registration process are also there at the website. I'd suggest registering early to avoid disappointment. (Sorry to report that the "Cyanotype: Printing with Light" workshop is already filled... but the instructor has promised to return again to teach it in the fall.)

* * * * *

CYANOTYPE: Printing with Light Instructor Maddy Rosenberg Monday, May 25, 2009 (Memorial Day) 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM Tuition Schedule: $115 general public / $85 FAU faculty & staff / $55 FAU students

Cyanotype is an early photographic process, originating in the 19th Century England with Sir John Herschel. The beauty of the process is that it requires no expensive cameras or darkroom facilities. It is a simple way to photograph in values of blue with merely a coating of light sensitive solution on any paper and exposure to the light. Using found objects by blocking out the light or manipulating the shapes of light through stencils or even body parts (such as fingers), participants learn how to “draw” with light. Experimentation with times of exposure conveys a mood, overlapping creates subtlety of value changes. Symmetry and asymmetry, small shapes against large, slivers of light to indicate line, crowded space against emptier space––many of the elements of design are explored with light as the medium. We'll experiment with exposures in sunlight and artificial light. You'll also make a simple folders for your portfolio of images. All levels.


The TRAVELER'S BOOK Instructor Carol Todaro Saturday and Sunday, June 13 and 14, 2009 Tuition Shedule: $195 general public / $165 FAU faculty and staff / $135 FAU students

Opening a book is like embarking on a trip, and this workshop will consider the artists' book as a metaphor for travel. Participants will work with their own images and ideas in combination with particular book structures to complete a travel narrative. Works can be fictional, historical, or autobiographical, or something in between. We'll pay special attention to the way that book structures can direct or alter the meaning of a book. Our goal will be to complete, in rough or finished form, one simple, single sheet pamphlet and one multi-page book. All levels.


BOOK ARTS 101: Midsummer Night's Dream
Instructor John Cutrone
Thursday Evening, June 18, 2009
5:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Tuition schedule: Self-determined.
(Tuition is by open donation to JCBA's Scholarship Fund––you choose what you’d like to give.)

Midsummer's Night may be still a few days away, but you'll find magic already in the air as we transform you into a book artist for one evening though this 3.5-hour immersion in the Jaffe Center for Book Arts. The evening includes an artists' book presentation, some letterpress printing, and a simple bookbinding technique. You’ll go home with a book you made yourself––one that you can read as sleep calls later that night, as you reflect on the new outlook on books (and maybe even life) that you’ve found earlier that evening at JCBA. “For there is great joy in knowing how to do things.” All levels.


MAP of the WORLD, part one Instructor John Cutrone Saturday and Sunday, July 11 and 12, 2009 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Tuition Shedule: $195 general public / $165 FAU faculty and staff / $135 FAU students

Using paint and collage and a cartful of vintage travel guides and maps, each student in this class will create two artists’ books (and learn some way-cool techniques as part of the process). We’ll each begin in the same place, at Point A: with two large blank sheets of paper... and we’ll each end in the same place, at Point B: with two complete books. What happens in between Points A and B is the journey, and that’s where your creativity comes into play. We’ll explore heat collage, low-tech print, pochoir, and various other techniques as we transform those two blank sheets of paper, and you’ll learn a simple yet effective binding style that you can use again and again in future book projects. All levels.


AL-MUTANABBI STREET STARTS HERE Instructor John Cutrone Five Sessions: July 7 to July 28, plus August 25, 2009 (Tuesday Evenings) 6pm to 9pm Tuition Schedule: $285 general public / $225 FAU faculty & staff / $175 FAU students

Letterpress printing class focusing on the broadside form, which brings art and poetry together on one plane. Your participation earns you a place in the international Al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition, whose goal is to produce 130 limited edition broadsides to commemorate the March 2007 bombing of Baghdad's literary district. Each participant will produce a limited edition broadside; sales of these broadsides benefits Doctors Without Borders. A very moving project.


NATURAL DYES for BOOK ARTS APPLICATIONS Instructor John Cutrone Saturday, August 8, 2009 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Tuition Schedule: $95 general public / $75 FAU faculty & staff / $55 FAU students

The colors derived from natural dye sources are exquisite in their subtlety... and sometimes they provide exactly what is necessary to take a book beyond the ordinary. In this workshop, we’ll be dyeing some of the typical things book artists may need to dye: linen thread, hemp cord, handmade paper, watercolor paper, unbleached muslin, with mordants and without. We’ll experiment with common and not-so-common natural dyes: black walnut, madder, red and yellow onionskins, marigold, coffee and tea, turmeric, cochineal, and kakishibu––a traditional Japanese dye made from fermented persimmons. We’ll complete the day by binding a single signature pamphlet stitch book to hold the samples (using dyed linen thread, of course), so that each student has a handy reference to take home for future projects. All levels.


Instructor John Cutrone
Tuesday, August 11, 2009
10:00 AM to Noon
Tuition schedule: Self-determined.
(Tuition is by open donation to JCBA's Scholarship Fund––you choose what you’d like to give.)

Kids love books, and they love making them, too. This is an awesome way to introduce them to the magic of JCBA. We'll begin in the Jaffe Book Arts Gallery, viewing a selection of artists' books from the Jaffe Collection that will really inspire them... definitely books like they've never seen before! Afterwards, we’ll move on to the JCBA Letterpress Studio, where each child will print a sheet of paper from handset wood type. These sheets will be the covers for the books we’ll make, a brief history of the book arts (written especially for kids!) that we’ll bind by hand in the Single Signature Pamphlet stitch. Each child goes home with the book they made––which even includes a word scramble puzzle and a place for them to write their names beneath the line, “This book was handmade by....” Ages 8 and up. Children must be accompanied by an adult––and don't worry: the adults will love it, too.

* * * * *


JOHN CUTRONE is Programs Coordinator for JCBA, and is also a partner in Lake Worth's Convivio Bookworks, a book arts studio specializing in limited edition letterpress printed books and broadsides. www.conviviobookworks.com

MADDY ROSENBERG divides her time between New York City and Europe, where she maintains an active international exhibition and curatorial career. Her work has appeared in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the U.S. and Europe. www.maddyrosenberg.net

CAROL TODARO, an artist and writer, lives in Miami, Florida. The National Museum for Women in the Arts and the Library of Congress, Washington, DC; the Jaffe Collection, Florida Atlantic University; and the Cary Graphic Arts Collection at the Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, among other public institutions, have collected her work.

Register at www.jaffecollection.org and keep it cool!

John Cutrone Programs Coordinator The Arthur & Mata Jaffe Center for Book Arts Florida Atlantic University Wimberly Library 777 Glades Road Boca Raton, Florida 33431 http://www.jaffecollection.org

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