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Re: [BKARTS] Recycled Alphabet Book for May


Thank you for reminding us of your invaluable work in teaching books, and helping teachers teach them too. Your work has been an inspiration and it was so great to read the interview and see the parts of your path that have paralleled my own. Your remark about why you teach and make books bears repeating here in case this wider audience didn't catch your links:

"Living in this world of media saturation, it is easy to think that all the important things are happening somewhere else. Making books about our own stories and our own lives reminds us that we are the center of our own lives."

Loved the Recycled Alphabet Book! In your Flicker pictures, the thumbnail image of the P looked to me like a decorated versal from the Book of Kells, but when I got closer I could see the stem was corrugated cardboard and cracker box cardboard, and the bowl of the P was a yoghurt lid. Brilliant!


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Date:    Tue, 12 May 2009 09:02:06 -0400
From:    Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord <skgaylord@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Recycled Alphabet Book for May

Dear Friends

I've posted the May project on my blog: a recycled alphabet accordion
book. I've started to publish some of my workshop handouts in pdf
form. There's also information about the latest one: Fantastic Five:
Alphabet Books.

And while I'm talking about myself, writer Terry Farish published an
interview with me on her blog about multicultural literature, The
Elephant Rag.

in good spirit Susan

Cari Ferraro http://www.proseandletters.com http://cariferraro.blogspot.com

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