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Re: [BKARTS] location, location, location

Hi All,

I definitely agree that a location should be mentioned at least for events and activities that are being promoted. I don't know how many times people have posted about events assuming a US audience... I find it rather annoying when a gallery name or place is mentioned, but no country.


Scott (from Melbourne, Australia!)

Incline Press wrote:
Thanks Michele, that would be a useful thing to get right. Is that Palm
Springs in Kent or Cornwall?

Seems so easy to me - have a 'signature' that can make sense to everyone on
the list, that you can click to use. While a full street address might not
be desired or necessary, email is genuinely international; WA is Western
Australia from here.  But I do know what and where the Grolier Club is!

On 22/5/09 05:42, "Michele Jamison" <jstudios@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Just a reminder that this list goes to the far corners of at least
the US and some of us don't know about the Grolier Club or where it
is. Sometimes you can figure out where the location is from other
parts of the announcement and sometimes not. Could we all just not
be so home-centric and include the city and or state where the ones
event is happening? As a desert rat I would appreciate that info.

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