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Re: [BKARTS] ecpnomical alternatives

Jet wrote:

However, living in a household with four cats, after vacuuming this morning, I wonder whether anyone has ever tried to make cloth, and hence book cloth, out of cat fur.

I've spun and knitted dog fur -- I'm not a weaver -- and cat is considerably harder to spin, although I suspect even finely spun and woven cat would prove too thick to be practical. I've also tried felting wool to make bookcloth out of, which was an, ah, interesting experiment. Let's not say it was "unsuccessful" but "impractical." :-)

Even if any of this was possible, my guess is that whatever you created would dissolve pretty quick -- animal fibres degenerate comparatively quick, compared to leather, even in controlled environments.

Further, has anyone ever tried to make paper out of laundry lint? This seems a reasonable question. After all, what is rag paper?

Have seen handmade paper with laundry lint inclusions, but never as the sole constituent. Spun it too....

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